Centre for Social Policy Development (CSPD) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional organization for policy analysis and for, bringing the reforms within socio-political discourse of the country. CSPD is in fact, an initiative of researchers, academicians, journalists, lawyers, political and human-rights activists to focus on political and public policy research and strengthening of democratic governance. Its core theme is all about creation of critical mass, capable of making informed choices for political and developmental processes. The Organization was formed to act as catalyst for transition towards sustainable development, defined as enhancement of peace, social justice and welfare of the citizen

CSPD is a premier organization that also provides feedback through its researches and public policy debates/ dialogues, advocacy campaigns and trainings on the issues of politics, governance, human rights, gender and development. Especially, its point of departure has been to re-examine and re-define the political and developmental processes and to work towards political development alternatives which people themselves identify, articulate and struggle for. In its independents capacity, CSPD works for the empowerment of women, and through its non-partisan approach, for the religious and ethnic minorities. CSPD is too much concerned with the issues political-economy, trade and commerce, poverty, inter and intra-state conflicts, international relations and of course with women issues.

CSPD is a registered non-governmental and non-profit entity under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860. Its formal registration process was completed in August 2009.